Course introduction 100 cells calculation practice
(1)Normal course(This course makes the one that it wants to improve the calculation power securely the target.)
1.It is the same as the method of 100 cells which children practice by the print subject such as school, private tutoring school in Japan. It tried here so that it could choose the number of the sell.
2.addition, the subtraction, the multiplication and the division, and there are 180 questions in total (each 3 questions of class).
<Effect> It becomes a number that the calculation power improves, and it is understood every time a time is piled up because effect answer time is measured.
(2)Spiral course(This course makes the one that it wants to improve the calculation power in the short period the target.)
It gives a burden for the little child very much suddenly to try it ( 100 cells).
It thinks that a calculation can be practiced with enjoying the image of map game.

1.When ithe problem of the 10th rank 4 cells are replied in the time limit properly completely, it proceeds in 2. It decides to be practiced with the same problem to repeat when it doesn't answer it properly in the time limit completely.

2.It proceeds in the 10th rank 9 cells. This proceeds in 3 if it replies properly in the time limit completely, too.

3.It proceeds to 25 cells, 36, 50, 70, 80 and 100 in the same way.
4.When it replies properly to 100 cells completely, it proceeds to the next 4 cells of the 9th rank..

A time limit sets it at three-second per one question.
When it is compared at the track and field, 100 cells is equivalent to the marathon with 4 cells in 100m track. But many children calculating 100 cells try running like short tack.

Many examples that it is shortened seem that be y the answer time z when one spiral course is done rather than a normal course is done ten times because it is concentrated even if it is calculated by that pace even if the number of }X increases.
(3)Two-digit multiplication course
It keeps having interest in mathematics when many children have a flash by this technique like the number. A number is two digits though it is the way of doing a normal course . An object is beyond the elementary school upper grades

Because it hardly has two-digit calculation teach, children create the way of calculating it which can be calculated quickly mentally personally.Creative ability is raised in the children's head.

Example . 25x16
(1) 25x(10+6)=250+150=400
(2) (10+10+5)x16=160+160+80=400
(3) 25x4x4=100x4=400
(4) (100/4)x16=100x16/4=1600/4=400
(5) 25x(20x0.8)=(25x20)x0.8=500x0.8=400